Recommended Portfolio

Recommended Cryptocurrency Portfolio


Cryptocurrency Buy Sell Hold Long Term Buy Up To
Bitcoin  ✅  ✅  40000$
Ethereum  ✅  ✅  1500$
Stellar  ✅  ✅  0.60$
Dash  ✅  ✅  200$
Neo  ✅  ✅  50$
OmiseGo  ✅  ✅  10$
Status  ✅  ✅  0.05$
Cardano  ✅  ✅  0.45$
Aragon  ✅  ✅  4$
Uniswap  ✅  ✅  10$
Icon  ✅  ✅  4$
Curve  ✅  ✅  0.9$
Aave  ✅  ✅ 200$
Ren  ✅  ✅ 1.5$
Luna  ✅ 2$
BNB  ✅  50$
0X  ✅  ✅  1$
Link  ✅  ✅  3$
Atom  ✅  ✅  8$ is a cryptocurrency prices and news aggregating website, whose purpose is to increase awareness of cryptocurrencies and blockchain industry and help visitors to get live information as hustle free as possible.

The owners of the website are investors in cryptocurrencies, who get advice from a well known and not so much known top notch research groups and insider people. In this information are spent thousands of usd each year.

On this page we decided to publish part of the information about our portfolio. Of course this is for only educational purposes and not for financial advice. We do not get any responsibility for being the portfolio successful or not. But we strongly believe that the value of the portfolio in usd will increase at least 5-10X in 2021…

This page as well as the whole website is independent, we are not paid any funds from any 3rd parties for including or excluding any crypto coins or changing their status.

From time to time the page will be updated according to the status of the investments. The news will be published on our official twitter @prices_org too.

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