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What Is Pundi X NEM ?

Pundi X is a point-of sale (POS) solutions provider that uses blockchain technology to allow multi-cryptocurrency transactions. XPOS is a smart point-of-sale; operating solely on the NEM blockchain and it’s called NEM XPOS. Pundi X’s components include: application, point-of-sale (POS) terminals and a contactless smart card. Pundi X and its’ components are open source.

The NEM XPOS accepts transactions via mobile wallets and bank card using local gateway payment. It supports retail intelligence, order management, inventory management, loyalty program and marketing. NEM XPOS is all-in-one solution providers for retailers.

Pundi X has over twenty thousand NEN XPOS devices being deployed for use across various locations. With Pundi X solutions, one has overcome foreign exchange issues and instability of fiat currency.

What is the NEM XPASS? It’s a multi-cryptocurrency card for buying, selling and other form of trading cryptocurrency activities with a swipe. This card stores multiple cryptocurrencies in its NEM blockchain.

NPXS and NPXSXEM are the digital currencies that fuel transactions across its ecosystem. Every third-party, developers and partners need these currencies to do transactions within its ecosystem.

Features of Pundi X NEM

Mobile payment integration:

And digital wallet that supports Pundi X NEM blockchain technology can buy, sell trade digital currencies.

Frictionless transactions of XPASS cards.

With a single swipe, transactions are made easy.

Top-up supported

You can easily top-up your digital wallet using fiat currency or a bank card at any Pundi X NEM partner location around you.

Team of Pundi X NEM

Pundi X NEM has an excellent team comprising technocrats, financial experts and security experts who have contributed so much in the digital payment solution industry. The team is led by Zi Bin (Zac) Cheah, who is also the co-founder and CEO.He has twelve years intech experience and one of the founders of a W3C HTML5 Interest Group.

Other members of the team include:

Pitt Huang: he is the CTO/COO

Constantin Papadimitriou: he is the President

Danny Lim: he is the Chief Financial Officer

David Ben Kay: he is the Chief Legal Counsel

Practical uses of Pundi X NEM

  • Pundi X NEM provides borderless payment solutions beyond fiat payment services.
  • Pundi X NEM Supports third- party logistics and delivery service providers.
  • It supports payments Apps such as E2Pay, Pundi-Pundi, WeChat Pay, Alipay and Go-Pay.
  • It is used for digital asset payment cards.
  • It is used for blockchain-based wallet transactions, such as X Wallet, Qbao, and Nem Wallet etc.
  • Pundi X NEM uses intelligent clearing system to Increase the value of store properties..

Mining of Pundi X NEM

It cannot be mined as the time of compiling this report. NPXSXEM can be obtained through Pundi X reward program. It can also be obtained via some of the exchanges that trade the currency. Some of the exchanges include: Kryptono, Hotbit, NEM exchanges, Exrates, and many more.

Notes for Investors

Pundi X NEM is one of the promising digital payment solutions in recent time. The steady rise of the currency is a pointer to its stability in the cryptocurrency market.

Presently, the unit price of Pundi NPXSNEM is USD 0.000375 while the market cap is USD 914,141; the circulating supply is 2,434,893,062 NPXSXEM and presently ranked 735th in the cryptocurrency market.

The statistics show that the NPXSNEM’s performance is on the increase and likely to double before the end of the first quarter of the year 2019.

Quick Disclaimer:

This report is the writer’s views on NPXSNEM and never intended to endorse the cryptocurrency for investment. Whatever you do with this report is solely your responsibility and at your discretion. Do your research and consult before investing.