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What Is Quantstamp ?


Quantstamp is decentralized cryptocurrency that uses the smart security-auditing protocol to test for the vulnerability of cryptocurrency coins before they are being launched. The existing currencies are not left out in the vulnerability checks as well.

QSP token is used for all transactions and services rendered such as auditing, airdrop, security checks etc. by Quantstamp.

. The 2016 DAO attack has helped them to fashion out ways to deal with vulnerability and effective auditing. Entrepreneurs and individual alike can now embrace the new blockchain technology put in place by Quantstamp.

One of the ways in which  Quantstamp wants to attract more people is through airdropping. For those who do not know what airdropping is, it is a free coin being given to qualified people within that crypto community.

Quantstamp protocol is made up of two parts: the Automated Software and the Manual Check.

The Automated Software check smart contract codes for flaws while Manual Checks involves using the automated software and human participation that check the contract manually.

Quantstamp Three Key Selling Points

  • Quantstamp seems to be the only cryptocurrency outfit rendering vulnerability and security check
  • Partnership with Coinbase( the most vulnerable company) has open more opportunities.
  • The demand for improved security has caught with new cryptocurrencies, many are now looking for security solutions from


Quantstamp’ team is made up professionals who are passionate about taking Quantstamp to the next level. The team is led by  Richard Ma & Steven Stewart as Co-founders.

Other members of the team include:

Kacper Bąk who is a Research Engineer

Lee Azzarello who is a Senior Security Engineer

Micaela Neus who is a Software Architect

Shane Becker is a Senior Lead Engineer

Julian Martinez who is  the Public Relation Officer

Don Ho who is the Project Development Officer

Anthony Ryan who is the Growth & Business Development Officer

Isabelle Malouf who is in charge of company Operations

Jared Harrill who is the Community Liaison Officer

Tristan Tomas who is the duty Officer


Evan Cheng  who is an Engineering Consultant

David Park who is a Blockchain Expert

Dr. Vijay Ganesh who is a Security Experts

Dr. Derek Rayside who is a Security Consultant

Chris Miess who is a Cryptography Expert

Tom Graham who is the Marketing Consultant

Min Kim who is a Blockchain Consultant

Steve Parr who is s Legal Consultant


  • Quantstamp does vulnerability test for cryptocurrency companies.
  • Quantstamp does auditing check for both private and public institutions.


It uses Proof of Work (PoW) where a miner is expected to solve a computational puzzle with the hashes. If the computational problem is solved and the block added to the blockchain and the transaction recorded, the miner gets a reward.


On paper, QSP looks quite good as an investment option. The company is doing everything to improve its ‘services this year 2018, that might be a boost to its’ market value.

The current price of QSP coin is $0.179275 and comparing it with $0.072 per token when it all started last November, will say, it’s a good investment option. The market $110,668,998 USD  and the total volume supplied so far is 976,442,388 QSP.

Investing in Quantstamp is not a wrong step.


This report is provided for general information only and not intended to be an investment advice. Seek advice before investing in Quantstamp.