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What Is RChain ?

The chain is an open source blockchain system, modelled in a concurrent and decentralized computation. The current blockchain platforms have not lived up to expectation as regards to safety, scalability and speed. These are the areas that, Rchain’s entrant has come to address entirely.

The main features of  RChain

Speed- Rchain’s blockchain structure can easily support many transactions per second. Plans are the way to launch a bigger capacity to handle over forty thousand transactions per second which will make Rchain’s platform to be super speed in business solutions.

Trust– The flexibility of its blockchain will enable developers around the globe to create safe and proven decentralized solutions that are scalable, trustworthy and fast.

Tools- The developer tools lined up by the RChain platform are unbeatable by current industry standard. Further, plans are the way to offer a blockchain that can allow developers to easily connect their apps and software products to its platform irrespective of their backgrounds and coding languages.

RChain Cooperative- The cooperative is a public group comprises of RChain’s developers, users and investors. This group allows its members to use its’ platform for developing and accessing open source blockchain. This community has been given the mandate to decide the future of Rchain and every member has an influence. Membership registration is $20, and it’s opened to everyone irrespective of the race, colour or influence.

Team of  RChain

Rchain’s team is made up of reputable names in the blockchain industry, cybersecurity, finance and marketing. The team is led by its’ founder, Greg Meredith. He.is also the President and the co-founder of the cooperative.

Other team members include Ed Eykholt, who is the Chief Executive Officer of RChain holdings and also the co-founder of the cooperative, Kenny Rowe(COO), Evan Jensen(Secretary & Legal Representative), and  Lisa Rice(CFO),


Practical Uses of RChain

  • RChain’s platform is used by decentralization enthusiasts and a solution provider to enterprise
  • The platform is used to create entirely secured financial systems.
  • The platform is used for a wide range of applications such as advertising supply chain, social networks, technology etc.
  • The smart contract is used for Meta-programming, Reactive Data Streams and Pattern Matching.
  • The platform allows developers to set-up multiple nodes for large content delivery.

Mining of RChain

As at the time of writing this report, RChain coins cannot be mined, The surest way to obtain the coins is to mine Ethereum’ ERC-20 Tokens and then exchange them to RChain coins. Another way to get the coins is by purchasing them from an exchange.




Notes for Investors

         Since the lunch of RChain coin in the cap.market,it has never experienced any downslide. This is a proof that the RChain coin is a coin to watch-out, in a few months from now.

The unit price is $1.24778 which represents an increment of 1.89%, and the market cap is $422,612,186 with a circulating supply of 359,752,612. The average volume sale is $1,738,860.

It is ranked 44th in the cryptocurrency market within six months of its lunch.

These statistics point to the fact that, RChain’s coins and its’ project will be a success story.


DISCLAIMER: Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, and this has shown in the downward movement of the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major altcoins in recent times. Seek advice before investing in any cryptocurrency and do not invest money; you cannot bear the loss.