Crypto investment

Why should we invest in cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is the future of digital economy and that’s why in the last 3 years, cryptocurrency has been the most newsworthy industry.

For those that are yet to step into the cryptocurrency space, there are compelling reasons why you need to hasten up. Many millionares have emerged by taking a decision to invest. Only Bitcoin exceeded $100 billion worth of value recently.

Here are 10 reasons why you need to invest:

# 1: Adoption of Blockchain technology

Blockchain is the bedrock of cryptocurrency and it’s the reason why many people invested in cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is not limited to cryptocurrency development alone but an utility to many non-financial sectors such as gaming, entertainment etc.

Blockchain brings decentralization (which makes digital currencies difficult to hack), scalability, high security and immutability. Investors feel safe investing in Blockchain powered cryptocurrencies unlike centralized traditional financial system that’s prone to attack.

# 2:   High returns of Investment

Compairing S&P stocks (leading indicator in US equities) and Bitcoin (leading cryptocurrency) gives you an idea where the investment pendulum is swinging. Investment of $5,000 in US stocks in early 2016 would have given a return of $7,500 while the $5,000 invested in cryptocurrency at the same time would have returned $46,500. Wow, amazing! Cryptocurrency isn’t all about Bitcoin, there’re still other cryptocurrencies that are doing extremely well in the cryptocurrency market.

# 3:   Growing customer base

Cryptocurrency’s customer base has grown exponentially especially in the last three years courtesy of its rise in value. It has given many the opportunities to earn decent incomes and is still making hundreds of thousands of people rich.

We have over 2.5 million active addresses across different cryptocurrencies, which implies that, over 2.5 million people make use of cryptocurrencies.

#4.   No third party involvement

Cryptocurrency gained a lot of traction when the Bitcoin founder told the entire world his mission of creating this prime mover called Bitcoin. Through his white paper, he hinted that, Bitcoin has come to address the fast eroded confidence; the public have had in our financial institutions over the years. The decentralization of this technology has proven him right, where there’s no government or third party interference.

Government’s quest to device cogent means to extract more tax has inevitably compelled people to look for alternatives. The public found cryptocurrency as an alternative to cut down government excesses.

Cryptocurrency has made currency, a property controlled only by person privileged to have access to it.

#5. Growing Alternatives

Despite the fact that, Bitcoin dominated the digital currency space, there are many promising new cryptocurrencies doing well in the market today. Those cryptocurrencies serve as a spring board to catapult someone into an unimaginable financial success. The cryptocurrencies are found to be a utility in other sectors and sooner or later, they will compel Bitcoin to take the back seat.

# 6. Ease of investment, conversion and withdrawal

Investing in cryptocurrencies has become a lot easier courtesy of its underlying technologies and innovations. It takes few minutes to open account, make withdrawals and make conversions without the account being compromised. The era of filling form to make an investment and wait for one week to effect is over.

# 7. Growing numbers of big investors

Growing number of big investors has become a big boost to intending investors and this new trend is an indicator that, cryptocurrency is a currency for the future.

Big institutions like NASDAQ, Fidelity etc. have joined the frail which have boosted the confidence level, that cryptocurrency is a goldmine.

#8. High rate of cryptocurrency adoption

Many companies have adopted cryptocurrency technology to improve their services. Companies like Facebook etc. floated their cryptocurrency to boost their revenue in the digital space. This is an indication that, cryptocurrency is gaining more traction to conquer the digital space.

#9.   Consistent recovery trends

Cryptocurrency has consistently shown recovery strength whenever there’s a crash in prices. This is a trend that any investor should be happy about and should make every move to invest heavily in cryptocurrency .Let’s take Bitcoin as a case study, during the crash in price of Bitcoin in 2017,it took no distance time to bounce back.

The new innovations in the cryptocurrency industry are boosting the fortunes of cryptocurrencies.

# 10. Regular development

The latest in the industry shows that, cryptocurrency technology is becoming multi-purpose driven with new innovations injected daily in the industry. This regular development has been meeting the aspirations the public. For example, Bitcoin developers recently introduced lightning network as a feature to address scalability problem. What will be the ripple effect is that, many cryptocurrency projects will be built on this technology to solve scalability and in return, boost investment opportunities.

Disclaimer: This is just a guide and intended to get the public well informed. Whatever you use this information to do is solely at your discretion and we will not be held liable.