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  • Ren discord to Telegram invite link? June 4, 2023
    Could someone share the Ren discord or Telegram group's link? The latest on post in the forum seems to be outdated and I got unable to accept invite every time click that link. submitted by /u/Own-Ad-8179 [link] [comments]
  • Ren - how is this possible? April 15, 2023
    Hi I would like to ask about the Ren project case. As they write on Twitter, all the funds were taken over by the FTX trustee and the project is almost dead. I hear something about Ren 2.0, but WWW site is dead too. It seem that who have not converted own ren BTC into […]
  • Yikes April 12, 2023
    submitted by /u/thchax [link] [comments]
  • Project dead? March 19, 2023
    Got some tokens from the ipo. Is this project still alive? submitted by /u/tiltberger [link] [comments]
  • Whole market down, but REN in positive....HOW? March 4, 2023
    Due to Silvergate news, whole of the crypto market is down at least 5%. But REN has managed to stay positive despite having no positive news or update from its team, doesn't it seem fishy? There are no new updates on their twitter handle. The last tweet was on Feb 28, that too just about […]
  • Addresses Holding 10K to 1M REN Make Highest Single-Day Accumulation in Over a Year, Just Prior to +20% Price Surge February 28, 2023
    submitted by /u/BrianAtSantiment [link] [comments]
  • RenVM transaction data February 26, 2023
    How can I retrieve RenVM transaction data as shown in renVM explorer via API or is there any database for this? tried RenVM JSON RPC, it only shows the recipient address. I need to source chain transaction ID and the destination chain transaction ID ​ https://preview.redd.it/3apbs4z71kka1.png?width=2470&format=png&auto=webp&s=77808bbc2a60a71361958eff2984d1612175088e submitted by /u/Old_Butterfly7155 [link] [comments]
  • is REN halted or is my version too old now? January 10, 2023
    darknode got a tiny BTC payout for this epoch, and now there is no pending amount for the next. what's going on? FWIW I'm using this super old verison (0.2.26) but it's been working fine until now. Upgrade needed at this point? submitted by /u/xalspaero [link] [comments]
  • Unable to connect, REN Bridge got hacked? January 1, 2023
    submitted by /u/Illustrious_Web9287 [link] [comments]
  • what's up with darknode earnings this epoch? December 31, 2022
    I noticed that the most recent payout was higher, but then on the start of the next cycle, there wasn't any immediately pending amount... it was nearly zero. So it looks like this upcoming payout is going to be quite low. Is this related to REN 2.0 or something else? To clarify, most recent payout […]

What Is Ren ?

Renos is a PoS-based cryptocurrency that engages the community to listens to whatever, the changing demands of the cryptocurrency economy requires and acts on such demands. Renos is community based cryptocurrency with a primary goal to develop a one of the best platforms and experience around the interests of its community.

A successful asset stems primarily from a large user base and as a result, an economy begins to grow around it.

The PoS powered native token of Renos network is RNS. This is the backbone of all the transactions including the staking and the governance voting that take place on the network. It uses Proof-of –Stake algorithm Scrypt as its consensus mechanism.

Renos’ coin supply was air-dropped during the winter of 2017 to over one thousand users globally, and since then, it has continuously working to improve the cryptocurrency for everyday use.

Renos aims to improve upon the original Bitcoin technology, making payments cheaper, faster and more private than its predecessor. All funds are secured through their Proof of Stake protocol, with higher energy efficiency and keeping transaction costs negligible.

A 3% annual coin emission acts as a reward to stakers and masternode holders, while their underlying principle is designed to appreciate through time and utility.

Renos (RSN) coin is traded using automated trading with Zignaly, using three different ways: The three ways are RenosCoin Copy Trading, RenosCoin Trading Bot and the RenosCoin Trading Terminal.

Team of Renos (RNS)

The Renos team chose to remain anonymous as there’s no information online that reveals their identities.

Uses Cases of Renos (RNS)

  • RNS token is used to carry-out transactions within the network.
  • RNS tokens are used for trading at the various exchanges that support the platform.
  • Renos (RNS) is used to track virtually everything in the cryptocurrency markets.
  • Renos (RNS) is used for digital assets creation in a blockchain.


Mining of Renos (RNS)

Renos (RNS) uses Proof-of-Staking (PoS) mechanism for mining RNS tokens. Renos (RNS) validates stakers who stake their RNS to secure the Renos network. Stakers are rewarded with RNS tokens from the network fees as part of their contribution.

Renos (RNS) tokens are available at few cryptocurrency exchanges that are partnering with them. You can get more information from their official website.



Notes for Investors

Renos (RNS) is relatively not doing well in the crypto market going by its unit price especially in the last 6 months. There’s just little or no information about their project online.

Presently, the unit price of Renos (RNS) is $0.000207 USD, the market capitalization is $6,902.71 USD, the circulating supply is 33,356,077 RNS and is currently ranked 1820th in the cryptocurrency market.

These statistics show that, Renos (RNS) is a token that started well, but has not really improved lately. Can there be surprises here, well, yet to be seen.

Quick Disclaimer:

This publication is not intended to endorse Renos (RNS) for any form of investment but to get readers well informed about Renos (RNS).The cryptocurrency market is unpredictable and anyone interested to invest should seek advice.