Nevis, Minnesota

Nevis, Minnesota: Royal Starr Resort

  • By Mary A
  • Resorts
  • 14.08.2016

If you're in search of a great place to take your next family vacation, look no further than the Royal Starr Resort, conveniently located in Nevis, Minnesota. With a variety of fun activities to choose from, satisfaction is guaranteed. Let's take a look at the top 5 reasons why you should go.

1. Great Selection Of Cabins

Royal Starr Resort provides vacationers with 13 cabins to choose from, all of which are equipped with top notch modern amenities. These cabins are located a stone's throw from the lake shore grounds and provide guests with the privacy that they crave.

2. Fun Activities For Children

At Royal Starr Resort, there is no reason for your kids to bring their tablets and smartphones. Nightly bonfires give your little ones the chance to cook their own treats over the open fire, the beach is a great place to splash around and the volleyball courts are a popular destination.

3. Marvelous Fishing

For the fishing aficionado who is in search of a great vacation destination, Royal Starr Resorts delivers. Fishing on the lakes of Minnesota during the spring and summer seasons provides an unparalleled fishing experience.

4. Boat Rental Available On Site

Guests at the Royal Starr Resort do not need to worry about dragging their own personal boat to and from the site. Rentals are available to those who are in need. Fishermen (and women) are able to rent boats, motors and can also obtain pontoons. If privacy is a concern, Royal Starr also offers a private boat launching area.

5. Wi-Fi And Flat Screen TVs

While Royal Starr was forced to remove their original televisions from the cabins, they have replaced them with flat screen television sets, equipped with quality antennas. The wi-fi signal has also been bolstered, so that guests can easily browse their favorite sites.