Sell Off Vacations

Sell Off Vacations

  • By Mary A
  • Vacations
  • 14.08.2016

What on earth are sell off vacations? You may well never have beard the expression, but this article sets out to try to explain exactly bow you could benefit from them when it comes to your holiday this year.

Basically sell off vacations are vacations that cost less than the original brochure price. This would normally happen close to the dates of departure. Put another way, the holiday company has failed to sell the holiday at the original price so it is reducing the price on the principle that it is better to make a sale at a lower profit, even a slight loss than not to sell it at all.

Booking this type of vacation can save you hundreds of dollars depending on the currency you have at home.

Here are five (5) tips that will help you save money the next time you want to go on vacation.

  1. Be prepared to book immediately. Last minute vacation packages are often limited in space and can sell-out very D uickly. Also, the price can fluctuate both ways and may be more expensive when you get around to booking.
  2. Use a travel agent. A certified travel agent bas the ability to offer even greater savings on top of already discounted travel.
  3. Ask about upgrades. More often than not, superior rooms, oceanfront rooms, and villas are also on sale. Standard rooms are usually what gets published as a lead-in price but because of discounting, sometimes the cost to upgrade is minimal.
  4. Make sure all your travel documents are up to date before you book. We are talking last minute here, there won't be time to get passports I visas etc. and these packages are non-refundable.

E-newsletters are a good way to see what's out there but calling a travel agent gives you real time pricing, advice on hotels/destinations, and can do the work to find the best vacation for your needs.