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  • Cybersecurity Awareness Month - Play IT Safe With Uppsala Security October 9, 2019
    📍 Cybersecurity Awareness Month is here to stay for October! 👏 We are happy to share that Uppsala Security will be joining the campaign to remind users of hyperconnected technologies that making the digital space safer is now our responsibility. Luckily, there are already working solutions out there. Hint: 🤝 Help us have a […]
  • Crypto Analysis Risk Assessment (CARA) Launch! October 7, 2019
    🚀 Word of the day: Launch! We are thrilled to announce the release of the Crypto Analysis Risk Assessment (CARA) tool. CARA is a machine-learning powered risk analytic assessment tool. From this point on, by using CARA, users can verify the associated risk of a wallet address to which they are transferring their digital assets. […]
  • D1 - CARA Launch October 6, 2019
    Track the risk level of your digital transactions. Get in the safe zone: ​ submitted by /u/SentinelProtocol [link] [comments]
  • D2 - CARA Launch October 5, 2019
    💡 Know the risk of your digital transactions. 🔢 Translate risk to numbers you can understand: ​ submitted by /u/SentinelProtocol [link] [comments]
  • UPPward for Firefox v2.2.4 is out! But why? September 27, 2019
    🔥 The updated version of the UPPward Firefox Extension being rolled out encompasses the following changes to improve the UI and UX of the product: ✅ Availability of Crypto Address Highlight ✅ Updated API method for the crypto address highlight from GET to POST due to URI length issues ✅ Support of Segwit BTC addresses […]
  • From this point on, Sentinel Protocol will be a part of Uppsala Security! September 19, 2019
    👉 It’s not you, it’s us! Today marks a special day for our team and project. With excitement and ambitious goals ahead, we are happy to introduce you our new identity: Uppsala Security! 🎊 The new name, logo, website, and mission consolidates our team while preparing for the next phase of developing decentralized cybersecurity products […]
  • New partnership with Hexlant and Lyze! September 9, 2019
    🎊 Let’s start the week with some great news! 👉 Hexlant, Lyze, and Sentinel Protocol, three leading blockchain technology companies, have signed a business agreement to jointly publish a report on cryptocurrency analysis and evaluation. Based on each company's expertise in data analysis, we plan to publish an objective evaluation of the cryptocurrency market in […]
  • Sentinel Protocol attending the Daxpo Busan 2019 expo! August 26, 2019
    ​ 🥁 We are happy to announce Sentinel Protocol’s attendance at the Daxpo Busan 2019 expo in Busan, South Korea on September 3rd, 2019! 👉 Daxpo Busan is a Digital Asset Exchange Expo and the world’s first event that caters to major exchanges and companies in the cryptocurrency world. 🎤 Our CEO, Patrick Kim, […]
  • Blockchain Technology to Increase Role Against Money Laundering August 20, 2019
    👉 Many users associate cryptocurrencies with malicious transactions. While this might be a small part of the activities currently taking place within cryptos, what many users might not be aware of is that crypto transactions are fully traceable. This does help authorities trace money laundering activities. 🛠 “With new regulations coming down the pike, particularly […]
  • Sentinel Protocol Announces a Strategic Partnership with Hexlant August 7, 2019
    🎊 “We are pleased to establish Sentinel Protocol’s security enhancement service on the Hexlant Node,“ said Koo Min-woo - Head of Sentinel Protocol, Korean branch. ☀️ Today, we are delighted to announce that Sentinel Protocol has a new strategic partnership with Hexlant, a leading Korean blockchain technology and service laboratory. 👉 Find out more about […]

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