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  • UPPward Extension is now available on the Brave Browser! December 5, 2019
    ⚡️ Be Brave, but stay safe! 🥳 We are excited to share that the UPPward browser extension is now available on Brave! This means you get an extra security layer on top of a fast and private open-source web browser. 🌏 The UPPward Chrome, Firefox and Brave extensions are one-stop protection solutions against crypto scams […]
  • What is the relationship between Sentinel Points (SP) and UPP? December 1, 2019
    The whitepaper reads: the score of reputation is separated by another share, Sentinel Point (SP), where UPP is the circulation currency. Sentinel Points can only be obtained by acting as a member of The Sentinels. But the relationship between the SP and UPP is never clarified AFAIK. Also, is UPP the only currency that can […]
  • LIVE fund movement dashboard - UpBit theft November 28, 2019
    🕵️‍♂️ No theft is too complicated if you have the right tools! ⚡️ We have created a transparent fund movement dashboard where the assets stolen within the recent UpBit hack can be tracked LIVE. Starting with an overview of transactions belonging to the wallet addresses involved, everything can be followed in real time. 👉 The […]
  • How to report scams, Hacking incidents, and suspicious activity involving digital assets November 26, 2019
    🧐 Making the digital cyberspace safer doesn’t have to be left to the big cybersecurity corporations. 👉 Learn how you can protect private data and digital assets now: ​ submitted by /u/SentinelProtocol [link] [comments]
  • Uppsala Security at the IFF 16th Annual Conference in Guangzhou, China November 25, 2019
    We are happy to share that this weekend we attended the IFF 16th Annual Conference: Global Stability – New Transition, New Development in Guangzhou, China. Topics such as Future of Global Currencies: Big Data, Future Currency Form and Financial Regulation or Deepening China-Europe Cooperation in the New Global Context are just some examples of what […]
  • Uppsala Security at the “9th China Anti-Money Laundering Summit Forum” in China November 21, 2019
    An Eventful November for Uppsala Security! We are happy to share that Brian Yang, the Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Uppsala Security has been invited to the “9th China Anti-Money Laundering Summit Forum” by the China Centre for Anti-Money Laundering Studies at Fudan University. As an expert of Crypto AML Solutions, Brian […]
  • Uppsala Security invited at “No Money For Terror” conference in Melbourne, Australia! November 8, 2019
    Uppsala Security, represented by Patrick Kim - Founder & CEO, John Kirch - Sales and Business Development, Senior Vice President and Nobel Tan - Head of Engineering & Product is honoured to be invited to ministerial „No Money For Terror“ conference on counter-terrorism funding in Melbourne, Australia! Each of us has a role in preventing […]
  • How Mobile Malware Gets Delivered and Installed November 5, 2019
    📚 The beginning of enhanced security is understanding and recognizing threats. 📱 Your screen time is the perfect alert signal when it comes to the security of your mobile device. Connectivity brings more convenience, but each minute spent on your mobile device could be a potential gateway for cybercrime. 👉 Gain new insights into how […]
  • I got a question about Sentinel protocol's data on blockchain November 5, 2019
    Hi everyone. Im a newbie on Blockchain. Here is my question. What is the hex values of id, author, owner , etc.... What I saw in portal is different from Blockchain Explorer. Ex: I saw case number 71412412 in portal but in block explorer, id is something like "404d2192-315b-4413-9c22-eeab5987d477". What this value means actually? Thanks. […]
  • I got a question about adding CASE November 5, 2019
    Hi, Im newb on Sentinel Protocol. I wanna add some cases but I don't know how could I add indicators with case. When I add indicator button, There are security categories How can I tell what kind of categories when I add indicators? Should I find all indicators in TRDB? Thanks for your help. submitted […]

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