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  • Instagram, YouTube and TikTok have done all the hard work, Weentar is simply allowing already influential persons on these platforms to get more value for their brand. April 21, 2021
    submitted by /u/ricardogagoee [link] [comments]
  • WalletConnect Integration April 14, 2021
    Status has been a wallet I've been rooting for ever since the ICO in 2017, but I feel like alot of other wallets are moving way faster in the ecosystem. Anyways, I'm curious to understand something. Does anyone know the reason status hasn't integrated wallet connect yet? I feel like it's a no brainer in […]
  • IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN ? April 12, 2021
    submitted by /u/przedziwny13 [link] [comments]
  • Pamp it April 3, 2021
    Its pumping boizzzz submitted by /u/Ok-Environment-4259 [link] [comments]
  • Status the Artificial Lifeform April 2, 2021
    I've been tinkering for a while with AI agent concepts and prototypes, which lately I wanted to include cryptowallets and possibly cryptonodes, all while being stable multiplatform "servers" in computing parlance, and then I thought you cannot do much better than the Status/Nimbus code base. I'd probably have come to this conclusion earlier if the […]
  • How many tokens founders still owns? March 30, 2021
    Hey there, Does anybody know how many tokens from 6,804,870,174 devs & founders owns? Any thoughts submitted by /u/Karamba19 [link] [comments]
  • Valobasa March 25, 2021
    submitted by /u/ShamimSagar420 [link] [comments]
  • Status v1.12 is live! Keycard on iOS, fiat onramps, and better messaging March 22, 2021
    submitted by /u/excellentchoiceyes [link] [comments]
  • Best liquidy providing for SNT March 20, 2021
    Been looking to provide SNT liquidity at various pools: UNIswap, bancor, etc. What has people's experiences been? Uniswap offers 0.3% of all trades and had a decent volume whereas bancors SNT liquidity is near non-existent, but offers a nice BNT bonus. submitted by /u/lorposralem [link] [comments]
  • Can somebody explain a few things to me? March 19, 2021
    I'm still trying to get into Ethereum. I have a degree in computer science, I understand the general idea behind Ethereum, but it still confuses the hell out of me in a few ways. For one: why in the sweet hell would anybody want a browser or wallet in their chat app? I have a […]

What Is Status Network Token ?

Status is a project based on the blockchain technology that aims to develop a decentralized messaging service that one can also use to make payments and receive them. The startup raised more than $60 million worth of Ether in its Initial Coin Offering and was one of the extremely successful coin crowd sales in history.
Apart from being a messaging service, Status aimed to go further by allowing people to download and use decentralized apps with the help of a next generation browser.

Practical Uses
Status wasn’t just meant to be a messaging system as mentioned earlier. By taking part in Status, your device whether a mobile phone or a computer will become a light node on the Ethereum network and thus you can have useful access to Ethereum’s entire ecosystem through it too. So, there are a lot of positive developments that Status started and are still in the pipeline.
Status is part of the wider efforts to make the internet decentralized and eventually shift to it. It is a community driven project and designed to empower the people with the help of blockchain technology and decentralized economy. Since you can trade Ethereum securely here, it is also a great investment for the future if you are interested in decentralized crypto marketplaces. Its ability to search for dapps that can be part of the decentralized feature of the future is also ground-breaking stuff that holds real promise as more and more things become decentralized. They also include censorship resistant micro-blogging tools. It is like a whole decentralized blockchain operating system.
While Status’s mission was right, it created some issues on the Ethereum blockchain due to massive transactions and number of tokens. Now many of these issues have been resolved and the startup is gearing towards eventual release.
All status coins come pre-mined.
The Team
Roman-Lead Clojure
Notes for Investors
The Status Coin’s value has been dropping ever since its launch. The reason is partly because of its troubled beginnings. The coin actually made the whole Ethereum network problematic because of sheer volume and number of coins available for its users. Things got so back that some exchanges put a freeze on Ether trades to allow it to come back to life. So, while the idea was solid, there were a few hiccups along the way. It is the reason why its market cap halved since launch. Right now, things are looking positive as the new platform is showing promise but in the long run, it will have to work well to allow people to profit from it.