The Osthoff Resort

The Osthoff Resort

  • By Mary A
  • Top Travel Tips
  • 14.08.2016

When you are in beautiful Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, you will notice that you are in a forest area that offers lots of things to do and see. When you want a comfortable place to stay and enjoy yourself, you have a great option at The Osthoff Resort. There are plenty of ways to have a wonderful time at The Osthoff Resort and see what others are talking about.


The Osthoff Resort sits on lakefront property in Elkhart Lake and is less than three hours away from Chicago and Milwaukee. You can enjoy at quick getaway to Elkhart Lake and come back home in time to do whatever you need to.


You have several dining options the Osthoff Resort to choose from. Everything from classic American favorites to outstanding local cuisine can be had and there are top-notch chefs waiting to prepare your favorite foods. Of course if you want to stay in and have your food brought to you, you can get room service 7 days a week.


The Aspira Spa is a highly rated spa where you can come to relax and be pampered. You can get a facial, learn yoga, get a massage, and other uplifting options at the spa. There are also special treatments you can have that will help you find balance and wellbeing while getting away from the daily stress.


You can enjoy the great outdoors in Elkhart Lake and find many activities to have a good time with. If you want to catch some fish, ride a bike, or play on the greens, you can do it right at The Osthoff Resort. There are things to do in any season and your family and friends can get in on the fun with you.


There are plenty of special events and guest at The Osthoff Resort throughout the year that you can come for and partake in. Keep up with the resort to find out when your favorite event or performer will be in town.