Tips for leaving pets at home on vacation

  • By Mary A
  • Top Travel Tips
  • 14.08.2016

Perhaps you are ready to go on an amazing trip, but what are you going to do about your beloved pets? If you need a few tips for leaving pets at home on vacation, read on. There are many things to do to assure your pet is safe at home while you are having fun on your trip.

Call a pet sitter
Petsitters became more and more popular these past years, and are your best option if you need to leave town. It doesn't really matter if they are a professional or simply a family friend, as long as they know a few things about pets. Some pets are used to having someone at home all the time, and in that case, consider a house sitter as an option. Your dog or cat will be well taken care of, and you will not have to worry about them while on holiday.

Leave the vet's number on reach
After hiring a sitter, leave the vet's number somewhere easy to find. If your pet gets sick while you are away, they will get the help they need as soon as possible. Don't forget to also leave all their info nearby as well. This way, the vet will know what to do even if you are not around. If your pet sitter is not available right away, make sure to feed your pets and place enough food and water for them to have.

Give them some entertainment
Pets get easily bored, and may feel lonely after you leave. A good suggestion is buying some extra toys that will keep them entertained for a while, and make sure the home is comfortable. Do not leave any dangerous objects that could harm them on reach, and close all the windows. All these precautionary measures ensure your furry friend keeps safe and sound. In addition, put all your electronics away as to not get damaged. Pets can be wild when left alone, and the last thing you need is coming back to a wrecked house.

Have them wear tags
If you somehow forgot the backdoor open and your pet escapes, the tags will make it easy for your neighbors to recognize them. Plus, your pet will not be mistaken for a stray. The tags should include your phone number, as well as any useful details about the animal. It is generally best if your pet is microchipped, as the vets check for that whenever an cat or dog is found on the street.

Have a backup plan
If an emergency occurs and your sitter is suddenly unavailable, you should always have an option. Talk to different people before you leave, and try to find someone who would agree to the job if needed. If possible, this should be a professional pet sitter who knows just what your pet needs while you are out of town. If your pet has specific allergies, let the sitter know before you go on vacation. Give the pet time to get used to the new person by having them around a few days before the trip.