Top 10 summer festivals in Europe

  • By Mary A
  • Top Travel Tips
  • 14.08.2016

If you are considering traveling this summer, here are the top 10 summer festivals in Europe. With so many different options, you may find it hard to only choose one.

Primavera Sound, Spain
Spain is a lively country, and Primavera Sound brings the best international artists between May 28th to 30th. Singers like Tori Amos and Aphex Twins performed here in the past, so you will probably not be disappointed if you decide to attend this year.

INmusic, Croatia
Visit Zagreb during June for a chance to attend this open-air music festival. Lovers of different musical genres can enjoy electronica, rock and indie, all surrounded by an electric crowd and lots of sun.

Glastonbury Festival, UK
This 5 day event is Europe's most important music related festival. Glastonbury Festival features theatrical performances, contemporary dance, and live music shows. If you want to attend, you should know the event takes place between June 22th and 26th.

White Nights, Russia
St Petersburg is the home of classical and contemporary performances every year, from May to July. Don't miss out on the opportunity to hear good music, see pop acts playing live and enjoy the atmosphere of this place every night. This is Europe's longest summer festival, and  attracts thousands of visitors yearly.

Roskilde, Denmark
Rock music fans attend Roskilde in order to see their favorite artists performing live. In addition, you can taste organic food and take pictures of the experimental art on display. Roskilde is scheduled between June 27th to July 4th in Copenhagen.

Exit, Serbia
If you thought there is nothing to see in Serbia, think again. If you happen to be there in July, buy tickets to Exit for a chance to experience an explosive live show. This event became more popular as years went by, and it now attracts big names every summer.

Benicassim, Spain
Between the 16th and 19th of July, anyone who visits Benicassim can enjoy some good pop music. Florence + The Machine and Blur played here last year, and this should be enough to convince you.

Secret Garden Party, UK
Do you love open air music festivals? In that case, Secret Garden Party sounds like the perfect choice. The event mixes lively music with exciting activities, and the casual atmosphere is enough to draw in many tourists. All you have to do is visit Abbots Ripton starting with July 23th.

Rotterdam Unlimited, Holland
Rotterdam is the best place to visit during the month of July. The city comes to life as thousands of street performers show off their talents during the festival. The wild atmosphere, colorful costumes and good music will steal your heart and have you return next summer as well.

Mercatino del Gusto, Italy
Any gourmet food lover needs to attend this Italian food festival at least once. Mercatino del Gusto takes place in July, and features food markets, wine tasting events, as well as a lot of fun. Visit Puglia and get a taste of Italian food at its best, all while surrounded by the most social and friendly locals.