Top 10 Tips on Romantic Escapes

Top 10 Tips on Romantic Escapes

  • By Kate P
  • Travel Tips
  • 20.07.2016

Every year, millions of people jet all over the globe trying to find love: in rustic wine cellars, on tropical beaches, in dimly lit restaurants. So where are the most romantic places to go? Read on to learn.


India offers a surprising amount of romantic, Old World charm. The country is an alluring blend of Old Europe and the rapidly modernizing Indian subcontinent, a combination that results in a wide variety of romantic opportunities.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

To get a peek at the sexy dance, tango; head down to Le Calesita, an open-air dance floor in the Nunez neighborhood. Better yet, grab your dancing shoes and take a tango lesson at Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso.

But the dance of love" isn't the only thing that draws lovers to this Paris of South America." Tree-lined streets and elegant J 9th century architecture recall the city's romantic European past without masking its exciting South American present.

New York City

If you watch romantic comedies set in New York City, you already know some good places: Tiffany's, the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the top of the Empire State Building. The parks are great places for lovers, too; Central Park and Prospect Park are not only romantic, and they're Romantic. Designed during the artistic period known as Romanticism, these parks are to landscape design what Frederic Chopin is to music and Nathaniel Hawthorne is to literature.


In Morocco, you'll find several destinations sure to turn your vacation into a romantic film noir. If you stay in Casablanca, enjoy a walk on Mediterranean beaches, stroll down streets lined with old French architecture, and venture to Old Medina, where Lively markets sell silk dresses and other native crafts.

Moab Utah

For those of you who prefer tents to swanky hotels and granola to hors d'oeuvres, this one's for you. The small town of Moab Lies on the banks of the Colorado River in the heart of Utah's Red Rock Country. It's surrounded by abundant public land, and two of the country's most breathtaking national parks -- Arches and Canyonlands -- are just a short drive away. This makes Moab one of the country's premiere Locations for outdoor adventure sports.

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Niagara Falls is often derided for its commercialization and banality. However, with 500,000 newlywed visitors a year, a List of I 0 romantic places isn't complete without mentioning this self-proclaimed "Honeymoon Capital of the World."

Napa Valley, Calif

Napa Valley, a swath of ground 30 miles (48 kilometers) long and just a few miles wide in the heart of the state's world-famous wine country. The region hosts several hundred wineries, many of which offer tours -- one such spot, the Spring Mountain Vineyard, was voted one ofNapa's best by Food and Wine magazine.

The Bahamas

When honeymooning outside of the United States, American couples' favorite destination is the Caribbean, and no country in that region is visited more heavily than The Bahamas. Of course, this means bigger crowds than other islands in the region, so try to avoid the weeks around Christmas and spring break when crowds spike.

Paris, France

What list ofromantic places is complete without Paris? French art, architecture, cuisine and language embody the idea of romance in popular culture, and the City of Lights is at its heart. Unfortunately, the French must know they have something special in Paris, because the city can be rather expensive.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

You and your loved one won't want to leave, either, after a night in an over-water but at the luxurious Bora Bora Hotel, which puts snorkeling and swimming just off your front porch. At mealtime, try a local dish concocted from sweet coconut, vanilla and seafood, but be sure to find your way to Bloody Mary's, an American-style restaurant where you might just run into a celebrity.