Top 10 winter festivals in Europe

  • By Mary A
  • Top Travel Tips
  • 14.08.2016

Europe is a great party destination, and summer is not the only season when festivals take place. If you are planning a trip sometime soon, here are the top 10 winter festivals in Europe.

Transmusicales, France
If you have a few days off in December, consider attending Transmusicales. This indie-rock festival takes place between the 3rd and the 7th of December in Rennes, and brings together some of the biggest names of the indie scene.

The Lemon Festival, France
This cool and unique event on the Riviera draws over 200.000 guests every year. Just as the name suggests, this festival is all about lemons. Go and see for yourself how the fruit is hanged and turned into amazing sculptures. Furthermore, you will also get the chance to see fantasy gardens and other designs, all made of lemons and oranges. Fête du Citron happens at the end of February and lasts until March 5th.

Patras Carnival, Greece
Patras Carnival started over 150 years ago, in the city with the same name. This is one of Europe's best festivals for a good reason: tourists can watch the parades, enjoy the street live performances, and even bring their kids along. The event takes place every year starting with February 9.

Classic Music Festival, Austria
Salzburg is all about classic music, so it comes as no surprise this event is popular. Visit Austria from January 23 to February 2 and attend the orchestra performances, all surrounded by a lively atmosphere.

Ice sculptures in Zwolle, the Netherlands
If you want to enjoy a different type of event, visit Zwolle around January 25th. Around 250,000 kg of snow and ice is used by local and international artists, who create the most detailed ice sculptures. Every year brings a different theme, so check it out.

Rise Festival, France
This December music festival takes place from the 13th to 20th, and features some of the best local live bands. Rise Festival is a punk-rock event, so be prepared for a truly explosive atmosphere in the heart of the mountains.

Eurosonic Noordeslag, the Netherlands
Dutch people know how to have fun, so join them for a few days during this cool event. Eurosonic Noordeslag is scheduled between 13th to 17th of January, and is by no means boring. Get mixed with the eclectic crowd and have some fun in this small university town.

Where’s The Music, Sweden
Have you always wanted to attend a rock’n’roll festival? Your wish might just come true if you visit Norrköping in February. The event enables new Scandinavian acts to put on a lively show for everyone attending.

By:Larm, Norway
This Nordic music festival is truly one of a kind. Oslo, Norway's capital, become the home of new and established live acts for a few days in March. By:Larm does not have a specific place, with the performances being scheduled in various areas of the city.

Tallinn Music Week, Estonia
Estonia became increasingly popular for its music, and international acts always pay a visit during the Music Week. The festival attracts numerous visitors from all corners of Europe, each single year.