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  • How safe is Tron Scan August 19, 2019
    I got Tron Scan around the 1.0.0. Version for my ledger. But I haven’t updated it since then because there was a Trojan on a later update. It’s been a while since this occurred, what’s everyone’s experience with this software? submitted by /u/Political-Bat [link] [comments]
  • Transferring tron August 19, 2019
    So I have tron on my Binance account and I'm out of the loop on what's happening and what's going to happen in September. Can anyone fill me in please? submitted by /u/foggedupglasses [link] [comments]
  • TRON Weekly Report 08.10–08.16 International Version 🌎 🌍 🌏 August 19, 2019
    TRON Weekly Report Completed code migration for part of the transaction module. SUNNetwork code V1.0 officially launched. Total number of TRON real time accounts have surpassed 3.5M. submitted by /u/Ju8SaXnto [link] [comments]
  • SUN Network DAppChain Developer Documents: Cross-chain Details August 19, 2019
    DAppChain contains 3 main components for cross-chain interaction. And cross-chain interaction can be classified as 3 main type: TRC20/TRC721 contract mapping, asset deposit, and asset withdraw. For more details, please check it out! submitted by /u/Ju8SaXnto [link] [comments]
  • [August 19, 2019] Daily Thread: Tron Discussion & Price Talk Welcome Here! August 19, 2019
    Welcome to the /r/Tronix daily discussion thread New to /r/tronix? Read our information megathread and the information in the sidebar Tron Network - Official Site Thread Guidelines: READ THE SIDEBAR & INFORMATION MEGATHREAD. Please be helpful and friendly. Please don't share the amount you've invested in TRX. Subreddits: /r/trxtrading /r/trxclassifieds Cryptocurrency Security Guides Cryptocurrency Security […]
  • TRONClass Lesson 19: What is SmartContract? August 19, 2019
    submitted by /u/Ju8SaXnto [link] [comments]
  • Tron Wallet - Export to CSV August 19, 2019
    I've been having an extremely difficult time exporting my tron wallet transactions to CSV as it's no longer an option to do so on TronScan. Does anybody have a script or tool to help me export my trades? Tried ZenLedger, Cointracker, old Node JS code, and the TronScan API documentation (which appears to be outdated). […]
  • Discussion related to FUD August 18, 2019
    I’m becoming more and more irritated with people who come on this sub and create FUD. C’mon, if anything, this helps us loyal tron users to buy more and more. For the life of me, if you’d like to create FUD about Tron, please back it up with some opinions that are true. submitted by […]
  • Seems like a considered, measured response to being interviewed. No secret announcements August 18, 2019
    submitted by /u/ImNotKent [link] [comments]
  • SUN Network DAppChain Developer Documents: Contract August 18, 2019
    This chapter introduced the contract of #SUNNetwork. Including contract type, MainChain gateway contract &SideChain gateway contract, and SideChain standard. submitted by /u/Ju8SaXnto [link] [comments]


What Is TRON ?

This blockchain-based platform strives to build a free content entertainment system for the entire world, by using the blockchain concept along with distributed storage technology. Tron enables users to post, store and create data. The protocol also makes decisions regarding the distribution and push of content that users create. Content creators are then able to release, handle and trade digital assets by using a decentralized content entertainment ecosystem.

TRON created the first compatible entertainment application called Peiwo App. The app currently has more than 10 million users.

The team behind TRON follow the beliefs of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, which claim that protocol is an important tool for human beings rather than a technique used by companies to increase profits. In accordance to these beliefs, the non profit organization Tron Foundation has been created and has its headquarters in Singapore. The foundation operates the TRON network in a transparent and opened manner, which aims to build trust and is ran by the TRON team members.

TRONIX is the project’s official currency. This coin also represents the basic unit of a TRON account on the blockchain. The value of all other tokens are calculated based on the value of TRON.

The TRON Power (TP) is the locked version of TRON and it can be obtained by locking the TRONIX. Those who own TP have voting rights and therefore more privileges.

As long as an individual owns TRON 20 TOKEN, they can freely issue their digital assets. This is done with the help of the TRON 20 standards. The others can enjoy the benefits and services the data growth brings.