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  • BTFS 10/10, 2 months uptime, no contracts June 22, 2021
    This is a waste of energy. I really don't know what this is all about. I was really into the idea of joining a decentralized infrastructure and providing storage space in return for a fee. But it seems like another blockchain/cryptocurrency bubble. Too bad submitted by /u/kl1me [link] [comments]
  • Where to buy small amounts of trx? June 22, 2021
    Ok so i need like 10 trx for a transaction fee and the minimum to buy is like 50€ and i don't wanna spend that much so I'm hoping someone can tell me a site or smth where i can buy small amounts of it Thanks submitted by /u/lilzibby [link] [comments]
  • Sun Token Launches Hard Forked token June 21, 2021 submitted by /u/MadManD3vi0us [link] [comments]
  • [Release] Java Tron GreatVoyage-v4.2.2 (Lucretius) June 21, 2021
    Today Java Tron GreatVoyage-v4.2.2 (Lucretius) was released. Official Link: Note: This is forced Upgrade ! New FeaturesCore TIP-269 Optimize the performance of block processing #3827 TIP-281 Optimize the database query performance #3830 TIP-268 SmartContract ABI optimization #3836 Changes Optimize the initialization of the pre-complie contract BatchValidateSign #3836 submitted by /u/netsonic [link] [comments]
  • $GreatApe Brand New Website!!! New Swap Feature! New NTFs! And Rewards Page!!! June 21, 2021
    submitted by /u/Sly21C [link] [comments]
  • Trust wallet and I can I stake with more than one validator? June 21, 2021
    Ok I have a trust wallet. Lets say I have 1500 Tron TRX, I want to take 500 and stake with Binance Validator and then another 500 with BitGuild and the last 500 with Sesameseed. Would this be possible or do I have to use three separate TRX wallets to do this as in one […]
  • $GreapApe! Sell Order Not Make Ape Happy! June 21, 2021
    submitted by /u/Sly21C [link] [comments]
  • Ledger not working with TronLink June 21, 2021
    Every time I try to sign a transaction now with my ledger through TronLink I get the pop that says "Open TRON APP in Ledger" and then when I do it a new browser tab opens a blank page with this URL (ledgerlive://bridge?appName=Tron) and nothing happens. Anyone know how to fix this issue? EDIT: My […]
  • Sun.IO century mining pools have all disappeared and all my TRX, SUN, JST and WIN are nowhere to be found! Please help. June 21, 2021
    As the title says I just logged on to today to unstake from the mining pools that have ended and they are all gone. I staked in the TRX, SUN, JST and WIN pools. I’m logged in with TronLink and Looking under the ended pools tab on the Century Mining page and see nothing […]
  • There needs to be strong improvements made June 21, 2021
    While I am in favor of TRON and everything Justin has been creating, he needs to put some good work into actually strengthening these projects. Day by day we are losing some support and it’s disappointing as there need more of a reason to bring people into these cryptos and I’m sorry but Justin isn’t […]

What Is TRON ?

This blockchain-based platform strives to build a free content entertainment system for the entire world, by using the blockchain concept along with distributed storage technology. Tron enables users to post, store and create data. The protocol also makes decisions regarding the distribution and push of content that users create. Content creators are then able to release, handle and trade digital assets by using a decentralized content entertainment ecosystem.

TRON created the first compatible entertainment application called Peiwo App. The app currently has more than 10 million users.

The team behind TRON follow the beliefs of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, which claim that protocol is an important tool for human beings rather than a technique used by companies to increase profits. In accordance to these beliefs, the non profit organization Tron Foundation has been created and has its headquarters in Singapore. The foundation operates the TRON network in a transparent and opened manner, which aims to build trust and is ran by the TRON team members.

TRONIX is the project’s official currency. This coin also represents the basic unit of a TRON account on the blockchain. The value of all other tokens are calculated based on the value of TRON.

The TRON Power (TP) is the locked version of TRON and it can be obtained by locking the TRONIX. Those who own TP have voting rights and therefore more privileges.

As long as an individual owns TRON 20 TOKEN, they can freely issue their digital assets. This is done with the help of the TRON 20 standards. The others can enjoy the benefits and services the data growth brings.