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Types of Crypto Casino Bonuses to Look for and How to Get Them

Crypto has stolen the show over the past years, and it is no surprise. Blockchain technology is indeed innovative, and the whole crypto industry comes with significant advantages for many other fields. 

Just like the crypto concept, crypto casinos have also become increasingly popular among crypto enthusiasts and not only. Crypto casinos gather tens of millions of active users daily, with over 330 bets placed every second. 

Thus, what is a crypto casino, and how can users win remarkable rewards on such platforms? 

What Is a Crypto Casino?

Just like traditional online casinos, crypto (or Bitcoin) casinos are online platforms that allow users to gamble and bet on various games. 

Bitcoin casinos are available almost worldwide, depending on the regulations of each country. When it comes to the crypto supported, most crypto casinos support popular cryptocurrencies, such as BTC and ETH, along with other widely used tokens. The portfolio of supported cryptos grows periodically, according to the latest projects launched. Some platforms support over 150 cryptocurrencies, thus offering users a positive and complete gambling experience. 

Usually, crypto casinos offer plenty of games, such as multiple versions of blackjack, slots, roulette, poker, or dice. Furthermore, some platforms also have live poker tables that players can join. Another great feature of some crypto casinos is that they also offer sports betting, thus being able to reach an even wider audience. 

What Are Crypto Casino Bonuses?

Crypto casinos have many great ways of incentivizing users, and one of them is by offering plenty of bonuses. 

A crypto casino bonus is a reward offered to a player who uses a specific Bitcoin casino and is willing to complete some requirements to be rewarded. Such bonuses are solely provided to crypto casino users and can be offered in crypto or fiat. 

The main reason for offering crypto casino bonuses is that it effectively incentivizes players and keeps them close to a specific platform. Depending on the type of offer, a crypto casino bonus can be obtained once or more times. 

There are various types of crypto casino bonuses, and each can be obtained by following specific instructions set by the Bitcoin casino itself. 

Types of Crypto Casino Bonuses and How to Get Them

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus will always be a one-time reward. This crypto casino bonus is offered to new players to encourage them to become active users. This reward may be the most popular bonus crypto enthusiasts are looking for, and it is no wonder why – some Bitcoin casinos offer welcome bonuses of up to a few thousand dollars. 

Welcome bonuses can usually be obtained by depositing a specific amount of assets in your newly created account. Depending on the assets deposited, new users can be rewarded with a certain percentage (usually 100% or higher). 

For instance, let’s say a crypto enthusiast signs up on a crypto casino platform and aims to get a welcome bonus. The crypto casino offers a welcome bonus between 120% and 270% for the 1st deposit, depending on the amount of crypto/fiat deposited. Thus, if the new user deposits $400, they are eligible to receive a 270% bonus and will be rewarded $1,080.

Deposit Match Bonus

Even if it may not seem as it, we already mentioned a part of what the deposit match bonus means. A deposit match bonus is offered to regular players that deposit a specific amount of crypto/fiat in their crypto casino account. Thus, players will be rewarded according to their deposit, as the name suggests. 

No-Deposit Bonus

Unlike deposit match bonuses, no-deposit bonuses do not require users to make a deposit to be rewarded. Instead, they are offered to regular players to incentivize and keep them active on the platform. 

Special Events

Many Bitcoin casinos organize special events constantly, which is another effective way of keeping users as active as possible. Special events can have great prize pools. For instance, some prize pools can reach even a few million dollars. Thus, the rewards can be pretty surprising, too. 

Special events usually require users to play one of the games participating in the event and get the highest score possible to rank in the event’s leaderboard. Such events can require a minimum bet or no bet at all, depending on the event and the participating games. 

Users are rewarded according to the leaderboard once the event ends or during the event when one of the phases ends. 

Free Spins

Free spins are usually offered to both new and regular players as a limited number of spins on some games that do not require any wagering. Thus, crypto casino players can win some crypto without wagering any of their assets deposited in the account. 

Final Thoughts

Crypto casinos have become increasingly popular among crypto enthusiasts, as they are a fun way of winning some crypto. Furthermore, such platforms have an effective way of incentivizing users – through crypto casino bonuses. 

Some of the most popular and widely offered crypto casino bonuses are the welcome (or sign-up) rewards, no-deposit or deposit match bonuses, free spins, and the rewards offered through special events.