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What Is USD Coin ?

USD Coin is an open source US dollar-backed stablecoin.developed by CENTRE. It’s a smart contract based statblecoin that tokenized into US dollar at a 1:1 ratio. This stablecoin connects merchant, financial institutions, individuals and currencies everywhere. This ERC-20 token creates the possibilities of making easy payments, investing, lending and trading.

USD Coin is poised to become pivotal building blocks of value exchange for goods and services that will allow fiat to tokenize with smart contract platform. Developers now have the easy means to use fiat currencies in blockchain applications

USD Coin is issued by licensed and regulated financial institutions that maintain the equivalent fiat value in their reserves.
USD Coin is tokenized at the ratio of 1:1 to a dollar and can be used with any ERC-20 wallet and services. USD Coin is in existence to decentralize the financial services.

Features of USD Coin

Crypto with stability: USD Coin helps to move dollars around the world with convenience and in a secured way. The token brings stability to cryptocurrency space and opens the possibilities of trading, lending and hedging risk.

Regulated, transparent and verifiable: USD Coin is fully regulated for money transfer in a verifiable and transparent way.

Easy trading Platform: This is an easy platform to trade dollars in the parallel market. The alert of every transaction shows up at the speed of light in your bank account. It’s easy to send, use in applications and store securely than the traditional US dollars.

A fiat to blockchain solution

USD Coin brought succor to those finding it difficult in transacting between fiat currencies and blockchain.It’s an open source transparent stablecoin for real world currencies to blockchain applications.


USD Coin was developed and issued by Circle. The team of Circle is headed by Jeremy Allaire, who is the CEO of the multi-billion dollars outfit.

Practical uses of USD Coin (USDC)

  • It is used for the exchange of goods and services
  • USD coin is a platform for making easy payments, investment, lending and trading.
  • USD Coin is used for global Commercial Payments Application.
  • USD Coin a liquidity tool for crypto exchanges.
  • It’s used as for crypto insurance to savings and lending.
  • It is used for other financial related activities.

Mining of USD coin

USD Coin is not mineable as at the time of publishing this report. USD Coin (USDC) tokens are available in many cryptocurrency exchanges around the world for purchase. Visit the website for more details.

Notes for investors

USD Coin is a huge investment for the future when considering the financial and non-financial institutions backing it., Few months of its’ lunch, it has posted a positive showing in the cryptocurrency market and looks more promising to continue on a high note in 2019..

Presently, USD Coin is trading at USD 1.07, the market cap is USD 325,237,264, and the circulating supply is 322,150,515 USDC.

From the statistics, USD Coin is currently stable in the cryptocurrency market, notwithstanding its’ little slide in December,2018 and from all indications, it will continue to be stable. Pundits are predicting a rise above USD 2.00 before the end of the first quarter of the year 2019.


This report is not in any way to endorse USD Coin for investment, but to get the public well informed about the currency. If you are considering investing in any cryptocurrency, you’re advised to carry out a due diligence by seeking for advice.