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What Is VeChain ?

VeChain is a blockchain-based platform that enhances product management, revolutionizes the movement of products through the supply chain, chain makes it secure enough and also simple for manufacturers to gather, manage and also share important data about their products with consumers and vendors throughout the lifecycle of that product in the supply chain. VeChain has a reputation as one of the world’s largest blockchain platform for information and products management. The developers of this platform want to ensure that they give manufacturers a trust free decentralized business platform to create a transparent flow of information, high speed and as well as efficient transferring. VeChain offers a lot of services, like API Gateway Services which is an AWS service that allows developers to create monitor, maintain and secure API. The API is the backplane when it comes to connecting private and public websites with AWS services. The company also operates as a third party service such that if you want a trusted, secured and reliable company to handle your financial transaction, then they offer such great service at a very considerable price. They also offer a decentralized data storage where information is stored in more than one node.

Just like other cryptocurrency VeChain has its own coin token, its symbol is VEN and its available on most popular crypto exchanges. VeChain was created in Singapore in 2015.
The VeChain team is headed by founder Sunny Lu and a staff of talented developers
Practical Uses
One of the main uses of VeChain is to create better market transparency and gives consumers more detailed information about the products and services they buy and sell and also interact with. By having a full knowledge of the supply chain, and a tamper-proof decentralized ledger, manufacturers, and retailers can be guaranteed of their product authenticity, guaranteeing consumers that they are a buying a good product. The VeChain platforms let manufacturers assign a unique identification to their product, which then allows supply chain partners, manufactures and also consumers to interact with the product throughout the product’s lifecycle on the platform. It allocates private keys to all participants in the supply chain, to ensure the security of the data collected using the blockchain technology. VeChain has a policy of giving customers quality services that highly exceeds their expectations, its a transparent and efficient platform that hasput together a solid structure that is open to clients and nothing is done without consulting the clients first to ensure they are provided with quality work.
VeChain is mined just in the same way Bitcoin is mined, using either CPU, GPU and other devices. It is a proof of authority moveable coin.
Investor’s Note
If you’re looking for a reputable company that uses blockchain technology to manage products and information dissemination then VeChain might be the best option for you. By the end of 2018, VeChain will be able to handle scale operations in the industrial and agricultural sector and also handle the IOT(internet of things). As an investor that’s a great news because this cryptocurrency has a great future and will be advisable for anyone to invest a substantial sum into it.

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