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What Is Verge ?

Verge is a cryptocurrency designed with privacy in mind. The Verge token (XVG) is the only anonymous currency created to date. Moreover, the coin was also designed for daily use. It improves Bitcoin’s original blockchain and aims to fulfil its initial purpose of providing individuals and businesses with a fast, efficient and decentralised way to conduct direct transactions while maintaining personal privacy.

1. What is it?
Verge began as a digital currency in October 2014, under the name DogeCoinDark. The goal of its developers at first was to create a cryptocurrency based on Dogecoin and emphasise its privacy features. The coin was renamed in February 2016, and the privacy qualities were reinforced .
According to the company’s black paper, both Tor and i2P can be used when making transactions using Verge’s Electrum clients, which mean that IP addressing information, as well as transactional information, will not be filtered to the servers that the client is also connecting when transacting through of this desktop client. Furthermore, the Verge Electrum portfolio comes with multi-signature support, which means that transactions may require the authorisation of more than one key .
2. The Team
Unlike many cryptocurrencies, Verge does not have a core group of developers. Instead, the company is an open-source software that keeps improving thanks to the contribution of its users. For those interested in contributing to this project, can visit their GitHub ( and join the cause .
Tha said, there is a couple of anonymous creators that have stood out from the rest. The first one is CryptoRekt, the creator of this new currency. Beside them, without any order of relevance, comes:
● Sunerok
● Gfranko
● Spookykid
● deheerlen
● Infernoman
● Gfranko
3. Market Use
Verge can be traded like any other cryptocurrency in Bittrex, NovaExchange, and Cryptopia. Verge’s market cap is currently at 45 million dollars . As explained in their black paper, this coin is for carrying out quick, efficient, and private transactions, due to the flexible options to send and receive payments. Some useful integrations and tools allow large-scale transactions between merchants and small-scale individual payments. Lastly, Verge has its wallet for Windows, Mac, and Linux, in addition to the multi-wallet “Electrum” for Android4.
4. Mining
Verge uses multiple algorithm mining support. That means that people with different types of mining equipment can efficiently mine it. That provides more security by decentralising the operations and the equal distribution of the money among miners in the Verge community of Verge.
Verge is one of the few services to support different hash algorithms (Script, X17, Lyra2rev2, my-groestl, and blake2s). Plus, it uses a mechanism similar to Bitcoin. Moreover, it has a mining limit of 16 thousand 555 million .
Potential investors can read their black paper at their website or visit any of their main social media sites.
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Official twitter: @vergecurrency