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What Is V Systems?

Vsystems is a decentralized blockchain services provider with a focus on database, large-scale enterprise applications, cloud services and modular blockchain architecture. Vsystems renders its services with high scalability, security, stability and self-governance. Vsystems is performance driven and uses new technology- Supernode Proof of Stake (SPoS) consensus algorithm to overcome scalability and energy problems experienced in PoW and PoS consensus Algorithm.

VSYS token is what takes care of all the transactions in Vsystems network. Holders of VSYS token play an active role in the governance of the VSYS ecosystem. When Holders of VSYS token lease their tokens to Supernodes, they get reward. This “leasing” process helps in the minting process in Vsystems blockchain.

Features of Vsystems Networks

  • Decentralized Database and Application
  • Blockchain Development Platform
  • User-friendly Blockchain Creation
  • Supernode Proof of Stake

Team of Vsystems

Vsystems Team is made up of seasoned professionals drawn from different field of endeavors. The team is led by Sunny King, Chief Architect and a renowned developer. He is the inventor of Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. He is also the founder of these three blockchain projects – V SYSTEMS, Primecoin and Peercoin.

Other members of the team include:

Alex Yang-he is the CEO and a FinTech entrepreneur and investor. He is also the founder of Fund V, pioneer token funds based in Hong Kong.

Edward Shuwalov- he is the Marketing Advisor

Peerchemist-he is the Strategist

Paul Brown –he is the DeFi Advisor

And many developers; visit their website for more details.

Practical Uses of Vsystems

  • Vsystems blockchain can be used in finance (DeFi), social media and entertainment.
  • Vsystems blockchain is used for Smart Contract Applications.
  • Vsystems blockchain is used for Database Applications
  • Vsystems blockchain is used for Sidechain and Cross-Chain Applications.
  • VSYS coin is used for all transactions in Vsystems networks.
  • VSYS coin is used for exchanges in the exchange market.

Mining of Vsystems

Vsystems tokens cannot be mined but “minted”. It uses SPoS consensus algorithm where holders of VSYS coins lease their coins to Supernodes. This is responsible for minting of new blocks that result to a reward of VSYS coins.

VSYS coins can also be gotten by purchasing them in major exchanges like Bitfinex, BitForex, KuCoin and many more.

Notes for Investors

VSystems (VSYS) is relatively performing well in the crypto market, going by its recent price. VSystems (VSYS) will likely be among the top 15 cryptocurrencies by the end of the year2020 when considering the new innovations, the team introduced in recent time.

Presently, the unit price of VSystems (VSYS) is USD0.038065, the market capitalization is USD71, 622,169 the circulating supply is 1,881,567,912 VSYS and is currently ranked 58th in the cryptocurrency market.

These statistics have shown VSystems (VSYS) is a token to be reckoned with and has already started gaining traction.


This writer’s report is for informational purpose and never intended to convince anyone to invest in VSystems (VSYS).Do a comprehensive research and consult widely if you intend to invest in VSYS coins.