Westjet Vacations

Westjet Vacations

  • By Mary A
  • Vacations
  • 14.08.2016

The cold weather is rolling in and fast, it's tough to admit and even harder to deny that winter is upon us (insert seasonal affective disorder), but the good news is there is always an escape with your name on it. W estJ et Vacations offers some pretty enticing vacations sure to warm the soul. WestJet is the tenth largest airline in North America carrying on average 15 million + passengers per year. With 425 flights WestJet caters to over 45,000 passenger's day over day. Founded in 1996 WestJet has continued year after year growth even in a declining travel market a contributing factor to their recent success.

Book your flight for a Wednesday if you can, domestic flights are always cheaper on Wednesday, followed by Tuesday and Saturday. The opening and closing of the weekends is by far the most expensive (Friday and Sunday) days to fly. If you have choices take a flight in the morning. This will help get the cheaper fare, remember the early bird gets the worm or in this case the cheaper vacation. On average the cheapest day to book a flight domestic and international is Tuesday at 3pm EST.

Squeaky wheels get all the grease; this is true when booking your flights and vacations. The travel industry is incredibly competitive and as a result each company is willing to undercut their competitor. One great way to get attention is by using social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Twitter in specific is highly valuable when getting your gripe on. Companies follow your every word and complaint on theses social networks, try posting on your Twitter account how fed up you are with the terrible prices going to #your_destination with #your_travel_company (don't forget to use hash tags "#"in your post so the airlines are able to see your complaint) most large airlines and travel companies pay someone to sit in front of a computer and look for these types of tweets and in return will often tweet back a discount.

With so many options to choose from it is often difficult if not impossible to find the best deal out there, don't limit yourself to one destination if you're looking for a great deal. The best deal finders know to look around and don't get their minds set on a specific destination (this is where you save big) because if you close out other vacation spots you close out a lot of good deals.