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  • General info and list of exchanges for Wowbit (WWB) July 5, 2018
    Wowoo aims to be at the forefront of the service content-type token platforms in the blockchain. Wowoo provides various user-friendly services on the Wowoo Platform and forms the Wowoo virtual community and sustainable ecosystem. The medium as a lubricant is the Wowoo Token itself, and that is Wowbit (WWB) being issued this time as the […]

What Is wowbit ?

Wowoo is a virtual ecosystem type with crypto-asset platform in the blockchain. Wowoo provides series of services on the Wowoo Platform and forms the Wowoo virtual community and sustainable user-friendly ecosystem. Wowoo Token is the currency that does all the transactions in the Wowbit (WWB) ecosystem. Wowbit (WWB)’ platform is built on the NEO blockchain.

The structure of the Wowoo network is useful to enable high performance and it consists of two parts: administration framework, and a bi-token payment framework.

Features of wowbit

Enterprise Scalability: Enterprise-level scalability is achieved based on the architecture of the distributed Wowoo network.

High Speeds: High performance speed is achieved on the Wowoo network via the positioning of the nodes and number sharding the consumer’s data in the other of the performance standard.

Data Integrity: The decentralized consensus of Wowoo Platform earns confidentiality and trust whenever the database is updated.

High Reliability: Wowoo Platform eliminates failures by the composition of the nodes in the database.

Auto-Managed Database: The Wowoo system automatically manages the database, thereby eliminating the various bottlenecks such as the overhead.

Team of wowbit

Wowbit has an experienced team drawn from different fields of endeavors who have contributed immensely to the development of blockchain industry.


The team is led by Fujimaru Nichols, who is the Chief Executive Officer. Fujimaru Nichols has vast management experience, having worked in that capacity for various companies.

Other members of the team include:

Yukio Yamashita: he is the Chief Architect of wowbit

Augustin Vidovic: she is the developer of wowbit

Yuya Sugiura: he is the Marketing head of wowbit

Visit the official homepage for more details.

Practical Uses of Wowbit

  • Wowbit’s blockchain provides a platform for the running of dApps.
  • Wowbit‘s blockchain serves as a service content.
  • Wowbit’s token is used for trading at the exchange market
  • Wowbit’s token is used for transactions both within and outside of its’ ecosystem

Mining of wowbit

There seems to be no mining activity being carried out at the moment. One can easily obtain the token by participating in the Wowoo community.

One can get the tokens through the of the cryptocurrency exchanges that trade tokens. These are the major cryptocurrency exchanges that trade Wowbit (WWB): BitMart, CoinEx, Binance, Huobi, OKEx, ZB.COM and Quadency.

Notes for Investors

Wowbit (WWB) is needs an improvement in the cryptocurrency market, going by its market capitalization. Wowbit (WWB) needs more awareness to be able to compete favorably in the cryptocurrency market.

This is one cryptocurrency that every pundit expects to do well in the crypto market bearing in mind, the role Wowbit (WWB) plays in the cryptocurrency industry.

Presently, the unit price of Wowbit (WWB)  is USD 0.020468 USD, the market capitalization is USD5,685,467 the circulating supply is 277,777,778 WWB and is currently ranked 392nd in the cryptocurrency market.

These statistics have shown Wowbit (WWB) is a digital currency to be reckoned with if the management team can work hard.


This writer’s report is not intended to endorse Wowbit (WWB) for investment but to get the public well informed about the cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency market is experiencing volatility lately, and any one intending to invest should research and consult widely.