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  • "...DLT usage isn't there yet" June 18, 2018
    submitted by /u/Njenga6 [link] [comments]
  • Hi guys NEED HELP!!! June 17, 2018
    Ok so I know I''m big time late to the party.... just saw Rippex/ Ripple Desktop Wallet shut down but weirdly enough I recently deposited couple hundo more rips in to my account no problem. Anyway finally bought the ledger nano and want to transfer all the xrp i can to it. Can i still […]
  • Internet of Value Timeline. 2016-2018 done. Working backwards. Open to suggestions for content missed. Most is from Ripple Insights. June 17, 2018
    submitted by /u/obi1xrpobi [link] [comments]
  • ripple-wallet-win64 June 17, 2018
    Hello, What happened to XRP wallet? Downloaded a year ago - ripple-wallet-win64-1.4.1.exe - and can't find any update. Is it means they not support their own wallet anymore? I'm not following ripple (only hodl), so no idea what happened. submitted by /u/klimauk [link] [comments]
  • How to setup Codius server June 17, 2018
    submitted by /u/denarioresearch [link] [comments]
  • Ripple - A potential Fortune 500 ? June 17, 2018
    Hey guys, I just wanted opinions (with reasons) from the community about how big Ripple (the company, NOT XRP) can get if they manage to achieve all their current goals. submitted by /u/SoNotZayyan [link] [comments]
  • Toast Wallet Fee Question June 17, 2018
    Hey guys, I am thinking to make a Toast wallet so that I can safely keep my XRPs. However, it says that minimum 20 XRPs should be reserved in the wallet. Does this mean that once I move to the wallet, I should leave 20 XRPs forever? So for example, let's say I move 100 […]
  • Why choose XRP? June 17, 2018
    What were some of the deciding factors for you guys that made you invest your money into XRP? Just being curious, looking to hear people’s opinions on this 🙂 submitted by /u/xxxvuhsace [link] [comments]
  • valuable and viable ripple June 17, 2018
    The fourth industrial revolution is being carried out by the block-chain technology. But. Recent situation of coin-market is not so good. There are many fraud and uncertainty is exist on the crypto-currency era. There are opportunities yet. Clearly Ethereum and Ripple are integrating with traditional markets and emerging as highly valuable and viable. submitted by […]
  • Daily Ripple/XRP Discussion Thread 06/17/18 [Questions and Price Predictions] June 17, 2018
    Hello! It's Sunday. Welcome to our daily discussion thread. You can discuss anything related to Ripple and XRP here. Before posting, read the r/Ripple rules on the sidebar and also check out the thread containing helpful links: https://redd.it/7l94ng If you see any rule-breaking content, please report it. Here's a list of social channels: Telegram Discord, […]

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What Is XRP ?

Ripple denoted as XRP is a peer to peer, open source and decentralized distributed system that transmits digital currency. Allow exchanges, payments, and remittance of funds. Ripple can be said to be both a currency and a payment system. Many banks, such as Santander, UBS, and UniCredit have adopted Ripple(XRP) as a payment network.

If you think, the two cryptocurrency giants ”Bitcoin and Ethereum” have taken all the juicy pies in the cryptocurrency market, you are in for a surprise because a customer-oriented currency has entered the arena and has taken the lead based on the current market capitalization. Ripple, the third largest cryptocurrency is currently worth over $10billion, and its token price has soared up to 3,300% over the last one year. This is an authoritative information you can bank on.

Ripple-like Bitcoin and Ethereum, all use a decentralized distributed system to transmit digital currency, providing transparency, security and immutability without the interference of the third party. But the similarities didn’t go beyond that; Ripple designed a unique platform for their customers.


Ripple has a dynamic team who are so dedicated to making Ripple(XRP), a force to reckon with in the cryptocurrency market. We have on their team, Mr. Brad Garlinghouse (the CEO of Ripple and a member of the Board of Directors), Asheesh Birla(VP of Products).Mr. Patrick Griffin(the SVP of Business Development), Brynly Llyr(General Counsel of Ripple), Monica Long(VP of Marketing), John Mitchell(SVP of Global Sales), Antoinette O’Gorman(Chief Compliance Officer), David Schwartz(Chief Cryptographer), Stefan Thomas(the CTO), Marcus Treacher(Global Head of Strategic Accounts) and Ron Will(Chief Financial Officer).

Practical Uses of Ripple

Banks use XRP for financial transactions.

Ripple(XRP) is bringing a solution to the problem of international remittance.

Since some banks have started adopting blockchain technology, XRP is a plug and play solution to most financial challenges banks face.

You can use Ripple as a currency to purchase goods, transact with any buyer or seller for anything online.

XRP is used to make payment and source liquidity.


Mining of Ripple

When a cryptographic problem is solved by a miner or a group of miners as being practiced recently, a new block is being added to the blockchain. The miner or team of miners are being rewarded with the commiserate amount of ripples. Please note, anyone can mine ripple as long as your hardware meets the requirements, you have a stable internet connection and also have the technical know-how.


How Does the Mining Work?

XRP is made explicitly for payment and transfers of currencies, but people are getting more interested in mining ripple.


Here are some ways in which one can mine ripple:

Cloud Mining: This is one of the preferred methods of mine ripple. All you to do is to connect to a datacenter with a shared power and begin to mine. The advantage of this is that you don’t need a hardware for mine. Many mining companies are using this platform today to scam people; so one needs to be careful. Carefully choose a trustworthy company, you can rely on and start mining ripple.

Mining Pool: This is one mining method, I recommend to newbies in the mining business. All you need to do is to join a mining group(pool) to start mining ripple. You can find such mining pool from any cryptocurrency forum. When the mining pool solves a cryptocurrency problem, the reward of a fixed amount of ripple is given to the mining pool, and it will be shared based on one’s effort in resolving the problem.

Notes for investors

In January 2014, the ripple was $0.022, and as of August 2017, the price has risen to $0.155. It shows a steady progress but on a snail movement. Cryptocurrency analysts have predicted that the price to skyrocket in the coming months and their prediction was based on the developmental stride the ripple team has made in the last couple of months. The area ones need to consider whether to invest in ripple or not, is their partnership with some notable banks; it gives confidence and hopes that there is a future in ripple.


This little report about ripple should not be seen as an endorsement to invest in ripple. Cryptocurrency investment is speculative and unpredictable, and it involves risks. The market is full of uncertainty, susceptible to attack and capital loss. There are many parameters one needs to check before investing. Don’t invest only based on what you have read here, but invest based on the fact that, you have sought advice. I wish you success!