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  • Can an Odroid XU4 run a zcash full node and get zaddress working fine July 16, 2018
    Hi just wanted to know can i run a zcash full node in a Odroid XU4 and still send and receive zcash in zaddress.... submitted by /u/newbe567890 [link] [comments]
  • Go a minute guys n dolls? July 16, 2018
    CryptoBlock UK. Check it out, run by me, 60-year-old disabled Brit, I got into crypto mining last year. I'm trying to get a Brit mining community project together for Brit miners to come and mine with like-minded Brits. I need input form others for this to work. I feel the UK Mining in general do […]
  • What’s next/upcoming? July 15, 2018
    After the recent coinbase news, what does the team have coming up in the next few weeks and/or months to keep the momentum going? Such an undervalued project. submitted by /u/Dmjanke33 [link] [comments]
  • zcash's book July 15, 2018
    is there any book speaking exclusively of zcash ? submitted by /u/felipekirby94 [link] [comments]
  • [Android App] Flypool Monitor & Notification - Zcash July 14, 2018
    submitted by /u/thienlhh [link] [comments]
  • Why blog.z.cash choose canvas fingerprint? July 14, 2018
    I have a question, I noticed that blog.z.cash and https://www.zcashcommunity.com are may be, the only blogs for privacy coins which implementing this kind of unique identifying visitors such as HTML5 canvas image data! Is this a paradox or what? submitted by /u/ysteriot [link] [comments]
  • Coinbase exploring the addition of ZCash and 4 other coins; Twitter goes bonkers July 14, 2018
    submitted by /u/Maab34 [link] [comments]
  • Is ledger supporting Zcash transactions now? July 14, 2018
    Previously there was some people due to fork. submitted by /u/PaccaGarah [link] [comments]
  • Zcash: Privacy vs AML July 14, 2018
    Hey everyone, I am relatively new to the crypto space, and I was hoping to understand this a little more in depth. Fungibility is clearly one of the most important aspects of any currency, and a bitcoin that is "white-washed" by the FBI being valued above another bitcoin presents a problem. That is where the […]
  • What to look forward to from Zcash this October with the Sapling upgrade: July 13, 2018
    submitted by /u/minezcash [link] [comments]

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What Is ZCash ?

The crypto coin Zcash wants to improve the anonymity of those using Bitcoin and developed from the Zerocoin project. At first, the protocol for the Zerocoin got improvements and renamed Zerocash, and then in 2016 the Zcash cryptocoin appeared. [1] Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn is a founder and CEO of Zcash. The founding team also includes Matthew D. Green from Johns Hopkins University who is a cryptographer. One of Zcash’s initial investors is Roger Ver.

The Zcash payments can be seen on a public blockchain, however its users have the possibility of hiding transaction details, such as sender, receiver, and the amount sent. There’s a fixed total supply of 21 million units of Zcash coins, much like Bitcoin. [2]


Some users need to prove payment for auditing purposes, and they can do so thanks to the “selective disclosure” feature on private transactions. This is done to permit private transactors to abide with the regulations regarding anti-money laundering or taxing. The transactions are auditable, however it is the participant who has control over the disclosure. [3] Wilcox held virtual meetings with various law enforcement agencies from around the U.S. to describe the basis and even went on record saying that the purpose of this currency is not that of facilitating illegal activity.


Since April 4, 2017, Zcash can be seen in the top 10 cryptocoins by market cap.