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  • Antminer Z15 power question November 30, 2020
    Is it possible to run this unit on a 20A 120v circuit, or do I need to pull a 220v circuit for it? This is probably a dumb question, but it will help me determine where I'm going to place it. 120v can go in the garage at home, 220v has to go to the […]
  • Zcash outlook after halving November 28, 2020
    submitted by /u/s618o [link] [comments]
  • Zcash (ZEC) Aims For $100 August Highs and Beyond November 25, 2020
    submitted by /u/CoinjoyAssistant [link] [comments]
  • How to cash out and stay anonymous November 25, 2020
    How do you keep complete anomymity when you cash your zec into fiat? submitted by /u/Hotel4Frogs [link] [comments]
  • Has anyone used Trezor on TAILS OS? November 24, 2020
    Is the only wallet that works with trezor for zcash the trezor wallet? With BCH you can use electron cash, and bitcoin you can use electrum (preinstalled on TAILS). Think installing trezor bridge on TAILS will be difficult. submitted by /u/CraigWrong [link] [comments]
  • I need help getting started mining zcash November 23, 2020
    I heard you could mine zcash with just your pc so i found an article that tells you step by step how to get started mining it but im stuck at setting up the software. Can someone please help me get started? I would really appreciate it. Thank you. submitted by /u/Jercole80 [link] [comments]
  • Opinions on wrapped zcash WZEC November 23, 2020
    Hi all. What are your opinions of wzec? Is it safe to buy and hold? submitted by /u/Th3GreatPretender [link] [comments]
  • Shielding your Zec with Zecwalletlite November 22, 2020
    Say I received 1 zec from an exchange to a t-address in a wallet which has 1 shielded zec. Is there a way to shield the new zec without creating a tx to shield both zec? submitted by /u/lette0070 [link] [comments]
  • Do people hodl zec? November 20, 2020
    Or is it just a way to clean your history? It just seems to be the worst performing token. 🤦‍♂️ submitted by /u/squidling_pie [link] [comments]
  • ZCASH and Black Friday November 20, 2020
    Hi, everybody we prepared for you special content, the collection of promo codes and special offers for BlackFriday from companies accepting ZCASH https://cryptwerk.com/discounts/zcash/ https://preview.redd.it/a27d9y8f0e061.png?width=1090&format=png&auto=webp&s=fcc1d31f7ab729033bf71ccbb8a4b19f718aadcc submitted by /u/Cryptwerk [link] [comments]

What Is ZCash ?

The crypto coin Zcash wants to improve the anonymity of those using Bitcoin and developed from the Zerocoin project. At first, the protocol for the Zerocoin got improvements and renamed Zerocash, and then in 2016 the Zcash cryptocoin appeared. [1] Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn is a founder and CEO of Zcash. The founding team also includes Matthew D. Green from Johns Hopkins University who is a cryptographer. One of Zcash’s initial investors is Roger Ver.

The Zcash payments can be seen on a public blockchain, however its users have the possibility of hiding transaction details, such as sender, receiver, and the amount sent. There’s a fixed total supply of 21 million units of Zcash coins, much like Bitcoin. [2]


Some users need to prove payment for auditing purposes, and they can do so thanks to the “selective disclosure” feature on private transactions. This is done to permit private transactors to abide with the regulations regarding anti-money laundering or taxing. The transactions are auditable, however it is the participant who has control over the disclosure. [3] Wilcox held virtual meetings with various law enforcement agencies from around the U.S. to describe the basis and even went on record saying that the purpose of this currency is not that of facilitating illegal activity.


Since April 4, 2017, Zcash can be seen in the top 10 cryptocoins by market cap.