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  • Zebi CEO at Smartus Proptech Summit, Brazil on May 16, 2019 May 20, 2019
    ​ https://i.redd.it/2iktnfn9ybz21.jpg https://i.redd.it/mrk51fn9ybz21.jpg https://i.redd.it/4lcx5gn9ybz21.jpg https://i.redd.it/kf7ozen9ybz21.jpg Key decision makers in the real estate industry, proptech, construtech, and contech came together at the Smartus Proptech Summit, Brazil on May 16, 2019 to discuss the trends, strategic growth models, and the landscape of the demand. We are proud to update you that Sudheer Kuppam, Zebi CEO participated in […]
  • FMW Media Works Broadcasting announces new televised interviews on “Exploring The Block,” a “New To The Street” TV show May 18, 2019
    FMW Media Works Broadcasting announces new televised interviews on “Exploring The Block,” a “New To The Street” TV show: ZEBI, XYO, No Limit Coin, Bitior Cybercurrency Exchange, Apollo Foundation and,1rstcoin, LLC. https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2019/05/17/1827136/0/en/Exploring-The-Block-a-New-To-The-Street-TV-Show-Announces-Upcoming-Show-Times-and-Taping-Commencements.html submitted by /u/ZebiData [link] [comments]
  • Zebi Chain 2.1 May 16, 2019
    ​ Zebi Chain 2.1 Production Deployment Announcement! We are happy to announce the production deployment of Zebi Chain 2.1. See the attached infographic for more information. Salient Features of Zebi Chain, Version 2.1 Many congratulations to the whole team! submitted by /u/AkhilJami [link] [comments]
  • Upcoming Listing Announcement! May 13, 2019
    submitted by /u/AkhilJami [link] [comments]
  • AMA with our CXOs May 7, 2019
    https://i.redd.it/ulop3exnurw21.png ​ Dear Zebi Community, ​ We wish to thank you for your continuous support over the past one year. We expect the second half of 2019 to be much more exciting as some of Zebi products go mainstream with commercial deployment. We always aspire to be transparent with our community and we will continue […]
  • Jane king interviews Sudheer kuppam, CEO of ZEBI. May 6, 2019
    Jane King interviews Sudheer Kuppam, the CEO of ZEBI, at the Nasdaq Market Site. Watch the video to learn more about how Zebi blockchain products and encryption technologies can be used by everyone for tamper-proof systems with an audit trail. https://youtu.be/qPr0H9l_9Tg blockchain #technologies #ceo #encryption #nasdaq #interviews #audit submitted by /u/AkhilJami [link] [comments]
  • Listing May 5, 2019
    We are proud to announce that our ZCO (Zebi Coin) is listed on Coineal Exchange from 7 AM UTC on May 5th, 2019. @ZebidataIndia @CoinealExchange blockchain #cryptocurrencyexchange #coin #exchange #announce #listed #ZCO #ZebiCoin submitted by /u/ZebiData [link] [comments]
  • Zebi #AMA Session - Get answered directly from our CEO & CTO February 8, 2019
    https://i.redd.it/jxmgqtw9fdf21.png ​ Hi, all Zebi subscribers!! At Zebi we always aspire to be completely transparent with our community members and we will continue the tradition of regular business and technology updates. So, in the gist of the transparency that Zebi maintains, we have decided to conduct #AMA session. Ask your question in the comments thread. […]
  • Ask Me Anything Session with Zebi’s CEO & CTO Coming Soon. January 30, 2019
    ​ https://i.redd.it/01ljybpq8jd21.jpg submitted by /u/ZebiData [link] [comments]
  • Not understanding the huge price drop January 23, 2019
    really don't understand the huge price drop. i think they are doing great and getting huge partnerships. what gives? submitted by /u/Feed_Me_2Row_Whiskey [link] [comments]