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What Is BitConnect ?

Bitconnect is a decentralized, open source cryptocurrency platform that enables transactions, transfers and storage of funds and other valuable assets. The platform uses P2P technology and has various investment portfolios. The blockchain allows users to invest and lend bitcoins using various platform made available. As a decentralized network, it is not under any control of the third party or any regulatory government.All the investments options are easy to key in and start making money.                                                                    Bitconnect was incorporated on 14 July 2016 with the registered office located in Kent.


The reason why you need to use Bitconnect is that it gives you dual opportunity to make money. The first one is that, when you store BCC in your wallet, you are making money as long as the token keeps appreciating. With the adequate measures we put in place, there is no way our token will not appreciate, The second opportunity is that you can invest either in coin staking or by lending. Any of them gives a good “Return on Investment(ROI).

Another reason you need to use Bitconnect is that Bitconnect APL is one of the easiest and safest platforms in the cryptocurrency industry. Our technical support team is on the ground to assist with whatever challenges you may face. Due to how user-friendly Bitconnect platform,users hardly encounter problems while using it.


.The only notable names known so far in Bitconnect team is Mr. Ken Fitzsimmons as Director and Mr. John Bigatton as the promoter.

Practical use of Bitconnect

  • One can easily transfer money using their platform.
  • Bitconnect offers trading services.
  • Their platform is used for exchanges.

Bitconnect Mining

For Bitconnect Mining, you need CPU/GPU hardware to mine, and this makes the transaction to be a bit faster than Bitcoin which uses ASIC.

Bitconnect can be mined using two methods discussed below:

1.Solo Mining: This is a type of mining in which an individual uses Proof of Work(PoW) to mine. When the computational problem is solved, the transaction is recorded in the blockchain, and the new blocks are added to the blockchain. The miner will receive Bitconnect coins as the reward.

  1. Pool Mining: The individual who wants to mine will join the mining group, and this group put their resource together to solve a computation puzzle. Once the process is completed, the transaction is recorded in the blockchain, and the new blocks are added, the pool will be rewarded with the coins. Every member of the group will receive a share of the reward based on his/her contribution to the mining.


Bitconnect has more ways to invest and make interest at the end of the stipulated period. Highlighted below are two ways you can invest in Bitconnect:

BitConnect Coin and Staking Investment

This is another surest means to earn money and is all about staking your Bitconnect coins for PoS mining. You don’t need to participate in mining but you are earning as if you are the one mining. The steps are: sign-in and load Bitconnect coins into Bitconnect QT wallet, and for having your money in their wallet, you receive daily interest. You are helping to maintain the security of the network, and your earning is guaranteed. You are free to cancel the stake, and all the earnings will be made available to you.


Lending investment

Another way of making cool cash is on this platform. Instead of keeping your money in your wallet and be waiting for when the token will appreciate, you can lend it out. Bitconnect provided various lending plans which you can use to earn more money, and the more you lend, the more you earn. When the lending plan option you chose is due, you get both the capital and the interest. You can re-invest without withdrawing to your wallet, and your earnings will be accumulating. If the value of BCC appreciates, you will earn double, for your token that has appreciated and for the lending. You have free access to both your capital and the interest and can be withdrawn at any time you wish.

The money you lent is being used to trade, and Bitconnect has some of the best traders with vast experience in the trading business. Your money is secured and is being used for legitimate business. Visit their official website to see the various lending plans.


This little report about Bitconnect  should not be seen as an endorsement to invest. Cryptocurrency investment is speculative, and it involves unquantifiable risks – the market is full of uncertainty, susceptible to attack and capital loss, and sensitive to secondary issues, time may do not permit to mention here.
Seek advice before investing.